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Preparing Equestrian Businesses for Financial Liability

Financially protect yourself against the possibility of an injured party suing you with our equine liability insurance. In addition, Madden Equine Insurance offers farm insurance to cover your properties and farm-related equipment. We are accessible day or night to further discuss what type of liability policy you need.

Commercial Equine Liability

This coverage is crucial for individuals who perform any commercial equestrian activities, such as boarding, instruction, training, and breeding. If you are sued by a third party who is injured or has property damaged, the policy covers defense costs and pays claims for which you are legally liable up to the policy limits.

Personal Horse Owner's Liability Coverage

The legal and insured owner of a horse is legally obligated to pay third parties for bodily injury or property damage directly caused by the owner's horse. Limits are available up to $1,000,000.

Equine Professional Liability Coverage

You receive coverage for claims and defense fees resulting from any negligent act, error, or omission arising from the insured's professional equestrian activities.


Care, Custody, & Control

Those who board, train, or breed horses for others should consider this policy. If one of these horses is injured or dies while in your care and you are found negligent, the medical care or replacement cost of the horse is covered up to the designated limits of the care, custody, and control coverage. Defense costs are also covered.

Club, Association, & Show Coverages - Independent Horse Shows & Events

Liability coverage is available for organizers of single-horse shows or equestrian events. It includes the actual event days and a day for both setup and takedown.

Riding Clubs & Associations

Groups wishing to protect themselves may obtain liability coverage with a club or association policy. The basic annual policy provides coverage for up to 7 event days, with additional days available. This helps protect your group if you are faced with a lawsuit by a third party. Claims for property damage and/or bodily injury are covered, including the cost of defense.

Man and a Horse

Farm & Estate Coverage

This insurance covers residential dwellings, all farm structures, personal property, farm property and tack. This coverage must be written in conjunction with Commercial General Liability or Comprehensive Personal Liability.

Excess Coverage

Our Excess Liability program is available in all states. Commercial General Liability policies with a $1,000,000 primary occurrence limit qualifier. Excess limits increase both the occurrence and aggregate limit.